The Law Firm Riechelmann & Carlsohn

The Law Firm …

We combine tradition and innovation since 1993, the year of foundation of our law firm. It is our task to protect innovations from unauthorized imitations as we are aware that innovations are always based on hard scientific and artistic work.

The Attorneys …

Our attorneys are not only lawyers, but also engineers and chemists. After being educated in a law firm with headquarters in Munich, at the German Patent and Trademark Office, and the Federal Patent Court they are active in Dresden for nearly 20 years now.

The Clients …

Our clients are companies with decades of tradition – or a few months old start-ups. Whether old or young, the success of these companies is not least based on their intellectual property – and this has to be protected.

Even more about the Law Firm

Tradition needs change. Our clients preserve existing innovations and develop new ones. And we are changing, too.

And even more about the Attorneys

A good consultation needs trust. And a good consultation result needs competence. Learn more about us!