The Law Firm

Tradition …

Legal advice needs experience. For more than 25 years we advise firms. Some of them are much older than we are, some are significantly younger. The destiny of each firm is associated with its innovations. We could and can see how innovations change the market. And we also see the importance of traditions.

… and Innovation

Not every idea changes the world. But every idea can make it better. The success of a firm often depends on apparently little improvements. Especially such improvements are innovations that secure the future. They require an exact knowledge of the technology and the market. It is our field to protect such knowledge.

A look back

  • 1993


    The lawyer Mrs. Eva Pfeiffer founds the law firm. Before that, she worked in the patent department of a large firm located in Dresden for many years.

  • 2002

    New Attorneys

    The patent attorneys Mr. Jens Riechelmann und Mr. Alexander Carlsohn join the law firm. Their aim: The smooth transition of the firm from the founder to the next generation.


  • 2003

    New Clients

    We gain a new client, a long-established Dresden firm having trademarks in all the large and many smaller countries of the world.

  • 2004

    Due Diligence

    We support a further innovative firm of medical engineering in financing rounds – successfully: A group of affiliated companies buys the firm.


  • 2005

    A new office

    We move from Schillerplatz to Wiener Straße. The new office provides more room and is easy to reach from the university und other Dresden research facilities.

  • 2007

    We train!

    A patent attorney is allowed to train IP paralegals after three years of professional activity, future patent attorneys after five years. Our first candidate joins our law firm in 2007.


  • 2018

    A new partnership

    Our tasks are constantly growing – and so do the risks for us and our clients. The new partnership provides our clients with a higher insurance coverage and offers us more safety.

We are successful because our clients are successful.

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